Demographic Data Collection Tool® 

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DDCT certification list download instructions

Reviewing Elements of the Demographic Database Collection Tool (DDCT)

DDCT New MPD Tip Sheet [pdf]

DDCT User Guideline [pdf]
Download to guide your navigation through the DDCT.

DDCT Definitions and Data Collected [pdf]
Download for definitions to guide your data collection prior to online submission.

DDCT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [pdf]

DDCT Internal Demographic Data Collection Worksheet [xls]
Download to assist your data collection prior to online submission.

Eligibility for Inclusion of Certifications in the DDCT (starting January 1, 2024)

DDCT XML Import Data Dictionary [pdf]

DDCT Report XML Schema (template) 
[XML via .zip file] 

Interim Monitoring Requirements

DDCT Vignettes (Videos)

DDCT Step 1
Demographic Data Collection Tool (DDCT) Introduction

DDCT Step 2
Managing Organization User Accounts

DDCT Step 3
Create 1st Report, General, & Organization Information

DDCT Step 4
Create 1st Report, Unit Setup

DDCT Step 5
Create 1st Report, Certification Setup

DDCT Step 6
Demographic Matrix

DDCT Step 7
Attachments, Summary Data, and Finalize Report

DDCT Step 8
Create Subsequent Reports

DDCT Step 9
XML Upload Option