Demographic Data Collection Tool® 

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DDCT New MPD Tip Sheet [pdf]

DDCT User Guideline [pdf]
Download to guide your navigation through the DDCT.

DDCT Definitions and Data Collected [pdf]
Download for definitions to guide your data collection prior to online submission.

DDCT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [pdf]

DDCT Internal Demographic Data Collection Worksheet [xls]
Download to assist your data collection prior to online submission.

National Certifications Currently Included in the DDCT

Eligibility for Inclusion of Certifications in the DDCT (starting January 1, 2024)

DDCT XML Import Data Dictionary [pdf]

DDCT Report XML Schema (template) 
[XML via .zip file] 

Interim Monitoring Requirements

DDCT Vignettes (Videos)

DDCT Step 1
Demographic Data Collection Tool (DDCT) Introduction

DDCT Step 2
Managing Organization User Accounts

DDCT Step 3
Create 1st Report, General, & Organization Information

DDCT Step 4
Create 1st Report, Unit Setup

DDCT Step 5
Create 1st Report, Certification Setup

DDCT Step 6
Demographic Matrix

DDCT Step 7
Attachments, Summary Data, and Finalize Report

DDCT Step 8
Create Subsequent Reports

DDCT Step 9
XML Upload Option