Interim Monitoring Requirements

Policy: The Commission on Magnet designates the achievement of the Magnet credential for a period of four years. To maintain Magnet Recognition, an organization must remain in compliance with the components and policies of the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® for the duration of its designation.

After designation, the organization moves into a monitoring and evaluation phase, Interim Monitoring. The Interim Monitoring Report (IMR) is due in year 2, by the final day of the organization’s designation anniversary month.

Designation Timeline

Designation Requirements

Year 1
Magnet Designation
No Reporting Due.

Your anniversary month is the month that you received your Magnet designation.
The DDCT is not required.

Year 2
Interim Monitoring Report

 The IMR is due by the last day of the anniversary month.

Interim Monitoring Report (emailed to Analyst)

  • AVP/Director and Nurse Manager Education and Eligibility Table
  • CNO Attestation Letter (see below)
  • Three (3) graphs must be submitted. Each graph should meet the requirements in the Magnet manual for graph presentation.

Graph 1 – can represent any unit (ONE graph for RN satisfaction)
Graph 2 – can represent any unit (ONE graph for ONE nurse-sensitive indicator)
Graph 3 – can represent any unit (ONE graph for ONE patient satisfaction category)

  • Nurse Research Table
  • DDCT Report (submitted online)

Once the required reports have been approved, a call will be scheduled with your Analyst to discuss any pertinent issues and answer all questions, including those involving documentation preparation for re-designation.

Year 3
Magnet Application

 The application is due by the last day of the anniversary month.

Application Requirements

  • Application fees (required for application completion)
  • CNO CV or resume
  • Current facility org chart
  • Current nursing org chart
  • List of externally managed databases for RN satisfaction, NSI’s, and patient satisfaction.
  • AVP/Director and Nurse Manager Education and Eligibility Table
  • IRB Attestation Letter
The DDCT is not required.

Year 4
Document Submission

Documentation Submission for Redesignation

Due on the 15th of the month before document submission.

    Due on the 1st business day of your scheduled submission month. Click here for additional information.
    Emailed to analyst:
    • Nurse AVP/Nurse Director and Nurse Manager Education and Eligibility Table
    • Unit Level Data CrosswalkTM (ULDCTM)
    Written Documentation (submitted via ADAMTM or ADAMplusTM)
    • Embedded within the written documentation:
      • Organization and Nursing Organization Charts (003)
      • Copy of the Nursing Research Table (0011)


    Requirements for Systems

    The following must be submitted separately:

    • Demographic Data Collection Tool reports for each facility
    • Supporting documents for each entity in the system

    Magnet Application Manual

    When developing the Documentation for redesignation, organizations must comply with the Magnet Application Manual in effect when the Documentation is submitted. Magnet-designated organizations' responsibility is to remain current with any Manual updates and changes promulgated by the Magnet Recognition Program.  Please visit the Magnet website for all manual updates and changes as they occur. 

    Please contact your assigned Sr. Magnet Program Analyst with any questions related to the Interim Monitoring Report.

    <<< Click here to download the IMR CNO Attestation Template >>>