Accepted Database Vendors

Domestic (U.S.) and International Vendors Currently Approved by the Magnet Recognition Program®

The Magnet Recognition Program maintains this list for the sole purpose of assisting Magnet-designated organizations and those on the Magnet Journey. The vendors listed have been reviewed and approved as meeting Magnet requirements. The vendors have provided permission for their information to be shared on the Magnet Recognition Program website.

For Magnet purposes, a vendor can be an organization that provides benchmarked data or, alternatively, is an externally managed healthcare database that follows industry best practices specific to benchmarking. The vendor provides a national or an equivalent international benchmark comparison of an organization’s data against other comparable healthcare organizations for the purposes of monitoring performance and prioritizing improvement opportunities.

This list provides organizations information on Magnet-approved database vendors for Registered Nurse (RN) Satisfaction/RN Engagement, Patient Experience, and nurse-sensitive clinical quality indicators data. Please note: Magnet does not have a relationship nor endorse any vendor on the list. The verification process consists of ensuring the vendor can provide:

  • data at the unit level,
  • a measure of central tendency,
  • a national comparison


NOTE:  This list will be updated as new vendors are added. Please contact your assigned Senior Magnet Program Analyst if your organization’s vendor is not listed here.  For all other questions, please email