Frequently Asked Questions about ADAMTM and ADAMplusTM

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How do I create a new account?
If your organization is already using ADAM or ADAMplus, speak to your organization's Magnet Program Director, who can create an account for you. If your organization is not yet using the system, contact the Magnet Program Office at

I forgot my username. What do I do?
Your username is your work email address. If you are unsure which email address you have used for logging in, contact

I forgot my password. What do I do?
On the Magnet login page, click the “Forgot Password?” link. You will be directed to a page where you can enter your work email address. The system will send you an automated password reset email that will contain a link to reset your own password. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder.

Can I transfer my log in to another person?
Accounts cannot be transferred to other users. An Organization Administrator can create additional user accounts for team members to access ADAM/ADAMplus. Each account must use a unique work email address.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with ADAM?
Contact the Senior Magnet Program Analyst (SMPA) assigned to your application for content issues or clarification of sources of evidence. Your SMPA is also your first-level contact for technical issues.

What do the different user roles mean?

Organization Administrator

* Creates and maintains (assign, edit, delete) the organization's user accounts.
* Creates, edits, and uploads narrative and evidence documents.
* Submits narrative and evidence to the Magnet Program office

 Organization Contributor

* Creates, edits, and uploads narrative and evidence documents.

Organizational Pre-Submission Reviewer

* View-only permission of all narrative and evidence documents uploaded into ADAM or ADAMplus before
* Typically, this is nursing leadership selecting the final drafts for each SOE/example for submission to the  Magnet Program office.

Organizational Post-Submission Reviewer

* View-only permission of all narrative and evidence documents submitted to the Magnet Program office.

Can we have more than one Organization Administrator?
Yes, you can have more than one Organization Administrator assigned to your account. We recommend that organizations restrict the number of Organization Administrators for security reasons and to ensure access by authorized users only.

Can I work on behalf of more than one hospital?
Yes, employees of a system can be given accounts for more than one entity within the system.

How many people in one organization can have access to ADAM?
There is no limit to the number of people in an organization who can have access. We recommend that organizations restrict the number of users who have access to your Magnet document and account for security reasons, to ensure access by authorized users only, and to avoid accidental data/content changes.

Can an individual outside of my organization have access to ADAM?
No. The Organization Administrator may create accounts for employees of the organization or health system. Access to the system may not be provided to anyone that is not an employee of the applicant organization or applicant system.



How much does it cost to use ADAM?
There is no fee or cost to use ADAM.

What is ADAMplus?
ADAMplus is the premium version of ADAM that has all of the basic features of ADAM plus additional tools and features including templated sources of evidence, documentation guidance, a checklist tool for key elements, and advanced data upload and entry tools that gives users maximum flexibility on how they upload and present their Magnet documentation.

How much does it cost to use ADAMplus?
Access to ADAMplus costs $16,750 per application (for one application cycle only).

Can we submit our documentation on a flash drive or website instead of using ADAM?
ADAM or ADAMplus is required for Document Submission as of February 2020. If your organization has a signed contract (prior to November 1, 2018) with a vendor who is preparing your electronic documents, the MPO will honor those contracts.

What is meant by the term "Version"?
A Magnet Manual update or user experience with a manual may reveal the need to modify the wording of an SOE/example in ADAM/ADAMplus for clarification purposes. In ADAM and ADAMplus, the original wording is Version 1, and any subsequent updated and new wording becomes Version 2, Version 3, etc. Organization users have access to the most recent templates (and Versions) available when the organization initially accesses the system.

What happens when the Magnet Manual is updated?
When the Magnet manual changes, a new "Version" (see above) may need to be created for any SOE/examples that were updated. Any organizations that have not yet completed the Written Documentation Review process will have the option of either writing to the new Version of the SOE/example or continuing to write to the previous Version.

What file formats are allowed in ADAM?
ADAM and ADAMplus only accept PDF files for uploads. The only exception is that ADAMplus users have the option to import participant lists using either PDF or CSV format.

Are there any file size limitations?
Yes. The file size limit for a single PDF upload is 20 MB. Users may experience longer upload times when uploading files larger than 10 MB, so we recommend reducing the size of your PDF files whenever possible.

What are the requirements for file names?
File names (e.g., “OO2-evidence 1.pdf”) must be no more than 95 total characters (including spaces). If your file name for a PDF is longer than 95 characters, please rename your file before uploading to ADAM or ADAMplus.

Can we make changes to our documentation after it is submitted to Magnet?

Once your documentation has been submitted, all SOE/examples are locked, and no changes can be made.

How long will we have access to our documentation?
You will always have access to your documentation as long as you are assigned as an active user to your organization’s ADAM/ADAMplus account.



What are Drafts for?
Drafts allow your organization contributors to create multiple possible "answers" to a given SOE/example. Your team can then review the drafts and decide which one best represents your organization.

How do I create a new Draft?
Click on the SOE/example and click "Create New Draft".

How do I delete a Draft?
Click on the draft you would like to delete. If the draft has been validated via the “Ready for CNO review” button, you will need to unlock it by clicking the “Unlock for Editing” button. You can then click the Delete button to delete the draft. Note: you can only delete a draft if it has never been submitted as a final version for an SOE/example OR if the SOE/example has been flagged for PHI.

How many Drafts can I create?
Users are able to create multiple drafts per SOE/example and there is no expressed limit of how many drafts that you can create. To reduce confusion and to prevent errors, we recommend that you limit the number of drafts per SOE where possible.

How do I indicate which Draft we have chosen to submit?
Click the “Ready for CNO Review” button at the top of the SOE/example to confirm the chosen draft for submission. ADAMplus will attempt to validate your SOE/example, and if any required template sections are incomplete, the system will indicate what changes need to be made. Once validated, you will see a green flag on the draft in the left-hand navigation. 

How can I tell which Draft was submitted?
In the left-hand navigation, the submitted draft will have a green flag next to it, and it will have the word "Final" next to it instead of "Draft".

How do I submit a Participant List?
There are three options to submit your participant list in ADAMplus: 1) type in the participant list manually using the tables in ADAMplus; 2) upload a PDF version of the list; or 3) import a CSV file. The system provides a CSV template that you can download, fill in, and import back into ADAMplus.

What happens if I submit the wrong draft by mistake?
Once your documentation has been submitted via the “Submit Final Documents to Magnet” button, all SOE/examples are locked and no changes can be made. Please double-check each SOE/example draft before validating for submission.

Will the system guide me to write the documentation?
Yes. In ADAMplus, each SOE/example contains customized templates with SOE specific descriptions and instructions. SOEs and SOE examples in ADAMplus feature text box editor input fields, document upload functions, and other tools to help ensure that you include each of the required key elements in the documentation.

Will the system tell me when I have too much evidence submitted?
Yes. If you have flagged too many evidence documents, the system will display a warning message when you click the “Ready for CNO Review” button.



Can I still use a consultant to help me write the documentation and upload it into ADAM?
Yes. However, they cannot be given access to ADAM or ADAMplus.

How many evidence documents are required for each SOE?
You are required to submit between one (1) and five (5) evidence documents for each SOE/example. In other words, you are required to submit at least one (1) evidence PDF and a maximum of five (5) evidence PDFs for each SOE/example.

How many narrative documents are required for each SOE?
You are required to submit one (1) narrative PDF for each SOE/example.

Why do I need to flag the PDF documents in each SOE/example?
ADAM is designed to let you upload as many documents as you would like for each SOE/example as a document management tool. As your team is writing to the manual, This gives you the ability to gather multiple "alternate" documents (story/example options) for each SOE/example. When you are ready to submit, you indicate which of the documents will be sent to Magnet by flagging each document for submission.

How can I tell if an SOE has been marked as complete and is ready for submission?
The left-hand navigation will display a green checkmark next to the SOE navigation folder.



How do I search for a document in the Document Library?
Use the Filters at the top of the screen for searching. The Text Search field will search within the content of your documents, and the File Name field will search within the names of the files. You can also filter by Component, Source of Evidence, and Example.

I uploaded a document from the library. How do I attach it to an SOE?
Navigate to your written documentation and then to the SOE/example to which you would like to attach the document. Click the "Add Previously-Uploaded Document" button to bring up a list of all documents in your document library. (Note, this list will not include any documents which have already been attached to the SOE/example you are currently in.) You may use the filters to find a specific document. Once you have located the document, click the Radio button next to the document and then click "Add". The window will close, and the document will now display in your active SOE/example.

Can more than one document be attached (used) for an SOE?
ADAMplus users: Each SOE/example has specific requirements regarding the number of documents that can be attached and must be submitted. Some allow only one document, while others allow multiple documents.
ADAM users: You are required to flag and submit exactly one (1) narrative document and between one (1) and five (5) evidence documents per SOE/example.

Can a document be attached (used) for more than one SOE?

How can I tell which SOEs a document is attached to?
In the Document Library grid of documents view, the "Associated SOE/Examples" column displays a list of all SOE/examples to which a given document is attached. If the document is not attached to any SOE/examples, the column will display "N/A".

How do I replace a document?
Click the "Update" link next to the document. You will see a popup window where you can browse for a new document from your computer or network. After you save the replaced document, any SOE/examples which were attached to the old document will now contain the new document.

What happens when I "archive" a document?
The document will remain in the system, but it will not be available to attach to any SOE/examples.


How will I know if an SOE has been flagged as containing PHI?
The Magnet Analyst will inform you via email which SOE/example(s) were flagged for PHI. Also, when you log into ADAM, the left-hand navigation will display a red stop sign icon next to any SOE/example/version/draft which has been flagged.

What if I find additional PHI in other SOE/examples besides the one(s) flagged by the Analyst?
Contact the Magnet Analyst and inform them of which other SOE/example(s) contain PHI. The Analyst will then unlock them for you to update.

Is there a deadline to remove PHI?
You have 5 business days to remove PHI. If the originally submitted information is not updated/replaced within 5 business days, it will be automatically deleted by the system.

How do I remove PHI?
ADAMplus users: If the PHI is in a text field or other input field, simply update the content of the field and save the record. If the PHI is in a PDF document which was attached to the SOE/example, delete the document from the SOE/example, and then upload a new document that does not have PHI. Alternately, if you have multiple drafts for an SOE/example, you may submit a different draft. Be sure to delete the original draft which was submitted.

ADAM users: Navigate to the SOE/example where the PHI was found. Review the documents attached to that SOE/example. Delete any documents which contain PHI. You may need to upload new documents to replace the deleted one(s).

All users: NOTE that a document may be attached to more than one SOE/example. If that is the case, you will receive a warning listing the other SOE/examples which will be affected by the deletion. You will need to replace the document on all SOE/examples.

How do I resubmit our documentation to Magnet after removing PHI?
After you have updated the SOE/example(s) which were flagged as containing PHI, be sure that all of the new evidence/narrative documents that you uploaded are flagged for submission, and that you have clicked “Ready for CNO Review” on all SOE/examples. Then click "Submit Final Documentation to Magnet", and the system will revalidate that all SOE/examples are complete.

Once I submit our documentation to Magnet, do I need to log back in to see if there are any issues? (e.g., PHI?)
The Magnet Analyst will inform you via email if any further deficiencies are found.



How will I know if an SOE has been flagged as needing additional information?

  • The Magnet Analyst will inform you via email which SOE/example(s) need additional information.
  • Also, when you log into ADAM, the left-hand navigation will display an "unlock" icon next to any SOE/example/version/draft which has been unlocked.

Is there a deadline to provide additional documentation?

Yes. You have 60 business days (minus holidays) to submit the requested additional documentation.

How do I resubmit our documentation to Magnet after providing additional information?
After you have updated the SOE/example(s) which were flagged as needing additional information, be sure that all evidence/narrative documents you are submitting are flagged, and that you have clicked "Ready for CNO Review" on all SOE/examples. Then click "Submit Final Documentation to Magnet", and the system will revalidate that all SOE/examples are complete.

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ADAM FAQs - Last updated: August 2020